Friday, September 4, 2009

Piña tablecloth


Handmade in a European convent in the 1950s, this tablecloth, HLATC EAE1355, shows an incredible attention to detail. While the center square is woven, the edging shows more intricate techniques such as needlelace and drawn thread work. Each of the scallops along the edges is approximately 3" in length and the patterns are infrequently repeated.

Another interesting aspect of this piece is that it is made of piña instead of the more typical linen. Piña is a natural fiber made from the leaves of pineapple plants. It is most commonly used in tropical regions such as Hawaii, the Philippines, Indonesia and India, where it is produced and more readily available.

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  1. Such a wonderful blog! I love the detail images and "behind-the-scenes" photos. We recently moved our 15,000 piece collection (FIDM Museum)so I can understand what you are going through. You have beautiful storage and mounts!