Friday, October 16, 2009

Archaeological Textiles

WFSA3091, Chancay, Peru, 1100-1400A.D.

These incredible archaeological textiles from Peru are among the oldest pieces in the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection. The fragment shown above, WFSA3091, is absolutely breathtaking in person. The image has not been enhanced in any way, this is the true color of the textile. Dating to between 1100-1400A.D., this slit tapestry weave fragment was woven on a backstrap loom, likely by a member of the Chancay culture in the Central Coast area of Peru. Textiles are among the most fragile of artifacts, making it truly remarkable for pieces this old to have even survived, much less retained the vibrant colors of their natural dyes.

WFAS3091 detail

WFAS 3091 detail

WFSA1848, Peru, 1000-1476A.D.

1996.1.2, Paracas, Peru, 600B.C-200A.D.

WFSA3094, Chancay, Peru, 1000-1476A.D.

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