Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Technology Enhanced Learning

HLATC LKOPO98, String Bag (bilum), New Guinea, Early to mid 20th century.

Some of our recently added database images were taken as part of the UW Technology Enhanced Learning Project. Artifacts selected, in collaboration with faculty member Diane Sheehan, for inclusion in the project were geared towards the Design Studies course in Off-Loom Textile Construction. Photos of the selected textiles were taken by the DS Department's very own Lori Ushman and the textiles were also researched and cataloged in detail by Betsy Tuttle. The end result is a great subset of the collection for the Off Loom Textile Construction students to work with, allowing them to closely analyze the textile's structure and techniques prior to seeing the piece in person. It also has the fringe benefit of making the pieces available for everyone else as well, browse the entire set here.

Learn more about this bilum string bag from New Guinea here and read a little about the meaning behind the bilum here.

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