Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The HLATC has hundreds of oversized rolled textiles meaning either the length or the diameter of the rolled piece is too large to fit onto the rods within our textile storage cabinets. It also means there is no chance they will fit into boxes, leaving us with the conundrum of how do we pack an oversized rolled piece? Tyvek to the rescue! We are creating custom sleeves out of tyvek that we slip over each rolled textile to protect it while in transport and during short term storage. Tyvek is water resistant but has "micropores" which allow for breathability, making it a better option than polyethylene sheeting.

The length and diameter of all of the rolled pieces was measured and entered into a working spreadsheet. Grouping the pieces by length gives us the largest scraps of tyvek which we then use to create sleeves for smaller pieces. A note on tyvek, it really does come in different forms. If you are looking for a soft, almost fabric-like tyvek, I would highly recommend the product from Gaylord Archival Products. When they say it drapes, they mean it. I first tried a different supplier and the tyvek was much more rigid, like a paper. I'm sure it's great for other uses, but didn't really do what we needed it to.

We have a tiny staff and sewing these sleeves would not have been possible without our dear volunteers. They have truly been an invaluable resource. Judy Sidran and Barb Tensfeldt, two members of the HLATC development committee, are photographed here in action.

Judy Sidran and Maggie Ordon (manning the spreadsheet and calculator)

Barb Tensfeldt

After cutting the tyvek out here at HLATC, Judy and Barb are able to take the tyvek pieces home and sew them up whenever is convenient for them. They drop off their latest batch of sewn sleeves when they come to cut out new ones.

A giant thank you goes out to Judy and Barb for all of their help!


  1. Horray! It looks like the project is in very good hands now!

  2. Thanks Natalie. We miss having you around. Hope you're enjoying your summer!